Their main functions of the Membership Director are to plan, measure and improve membership through encouragement and motivation.  They must also ensure members are maximising the benefit received from being a member of the Club.


  • Keeps an up to date list of all members, potential members, and friends of Rotary including phone numbers, e-mail addresses, classification and spouse’s details via the website
  • Assists the treasurer in collecting membership fees
  • Sets annual membership targets and provides monthly reports on membership
  • Works closely with the focus areas to develop plans to recruit members with specific skills to assist with planned projects
  • Develops a process for engaging with potential members to understand their expectations and to ensure they understand the clubs culture and goals
  • Develop a process for engaging with new members to understand their skills and interests and to ensure that they feel part of the club
  • Resolve barriers to membership (eg. Financial – payment plans)
  • Develop a scholarship program  that targets young leaders
  • Measure retention and develop plans to improve retention
  • Assist in resolving any issues between members
  • Monitoring diversity within the club and making plans for change if required
  • Corresponding with potential members or replying to membership enquiries