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D Minor

Daniel ‘D.Minor’ Harvey is a 23 year old international recording and performing artist from Sydney Australia.His musical talent began at an early age when he found himself penning rap lyrics while growing up in a turbulent family life. As he was shuffled between foster homes, often finding himself homeless, his love and passion for music became his salvation. While sleeping next to bakeries for warmth, he would write rap lyrics in pursuit of his dream to become a rapper and inspire young people through his lyrics. D.Minor often says that “writing lyrics was like therapy for me”.‍‍‍

D Minor will be our special guest speaker and performer for our 20th Anniversary celebrations at Cherry Bar.

Please see our Calendar or go to our Facebook Page for a full list of all our upcoming Events and Meetings.


28th February at 7:30 am at The Grace H‍‍‍otel€

Come and join us for breakfast at 7.30am and hear our guest speaker talk about t‍‍‍he charity Shine for Kids

14th March at 7:30 am at ‍‍‍The Grace Hotel€

Come and join us for breakfast at 7.30am and hear a discussion on if Scouting i‍‍‍s still relevant to today's community?

27th March - 6pm -9pm at The Cherry Bar, The Star

Come and join the 'The Darlings' in celebrating 20 years of community service in providing 'hand ups' both locally and overseas.  It will be a fun filled night with our guest D-Minor!

‍‍‍Guest Speaker and‍‍‍ Performer