The position of IT Director serves a vital role in maintaining the smooth running and effective promotion on the club, and is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of new technologies to help make club projects and promotional efforts a success, while working to limit the amount of clerical work that the club spends time on as much as possible. The IT Director is responsible for using technology to assist other members, and serving as a liason between that technology and Rotaractors.

The IT Director position is typically concerned with internal club projects, such as implementing and maintaining Content Management Systems to run the Club’s website, using a password vault to help securely store and share classified information, maintaining email infrastructure, finding technologies and building tools to help club members work efficiently, and, of course, training  the Club in how to effectively use the technology that runs the Club.

The IT Director position will give you an opportunity to effectively improve your project management skills, allow you to incorporate many contrasting and conflicting opinions into a single solution, and help you learn how to make the best technological decisions for an organisation. A sense of humour, a keen interest in technology, and a firm adherence to the Getting Things Done organisational framework will serve you well in this position.


  • Bulk posting of all Club Meetings for the year to the website at the beginning of each year
  • The organisation of two website training sessions per year, open to the board and interested members
  • Maintainance and continual development of website functionality
  • Ensure the security and privacy of all sensitive data stored within the Clubs online infrastructure
  • The administration of a centralised password management system for the Club, to ensure security and access
  • Support the promotion of events on the website