The Treasurer is responsible for the finances of the club and is the Chief Financial Officer of the Club.  They are responsible for the financial supervision of the Club to ensure good governance. The Treasurer is responsible to regularly report on the Club‘s financial status.


  • Performs bank transactions, re-imbursements and the manages the club Paypal account
  • Prepares financial reports on the club’s activities
  • Assist the committee and Project Managers with the planning activities of the club by assisting with budgets; and after events, helping prepare profit-and-loss reports and reconciling them after the event.
  • Arranges for the club’s finances to be audited after year
  • Works with the President and Secretary in the compliance and record-keeping of the club
  • Ensure development and Committee review of financial policies and procedures
  • Ensures members pay membership fees and keeps accurate record of all membership payments
    • Receipt of all incoming monies
    • Bank all monies received