Climate & Peace Forum: Climate Risks & Making choices


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The CLIMATE & PEACE FORUM brings you world leading voices in climate and peace.  Through engagement with concerned individuals we promote climate action to increase advocacy within government and corporate communities; to raise awareness of NGOs, Rotary and individuals; to identify and promote activities and to establish partnerships. This quarter, the forum will be turning it’s eye to climate risks and the important decisions in front of all of us. To register for this important event, please visit

Don’t miss meeting the former Chief of Australia’s Defence Force – Admiral (Retired) Chris Barrie AC – who will discuss Climate Change & Sovereign Risk and how it will directly impact Australia & the Pacific, Bangladesh, Europe and the world. And with our two other speakers, Admiral Barrie will outline what we can do about it.

Is there a gender bias for climate action? Zara Bending, Senior Lecturer at Macquarie University and expert in International Environmental Law, believes so – and will speak on how the law might help mitigate against these risks.

Together with Prof Will Steffen, an international environment researcher from the Climate Council – who will speak about ‘tipping points’ – you will come away with ideas about how you can make a difference.


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