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This week, David Bierman will be discussing the shape of Australian and Global Tourism after the virus. COVID 19 has been one of the greatest disruptors to the global economy since World War II. Every sector of the economy has been impacted but arguably none more than the tourism and hospitality industries. Border closures, quarantines, lockdowns and social distancing within Australia and internationally have hit tourism especially hard and have affected every sector of the industry. Yet, tourism is an incredibly resilient industry and we are already seeing the green shoots of recovery. David’s presentation will focus on the on the long and challenging road to the recovery of tourism within Australia and globally and how tourism may change in response to the pandemic.

To join, simply visit rotarydarlings.my.webex.com/meet/drew. This meeting is open to everyone, and we all hope to see you there.

This is a virtual meeting, which means we won’t be paying for our normal meal. If you’d like to use the money you’d normally spend on that meal to make the world a better place, please visit our Chuffed page at chuffed.org/project/darlingsprojects

Together, we can continue to provide important service to the people we work with.

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