Online Movie Night: Austin Powers


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Rotary Social Impact Network Event
Locked down? Feeling like the world is moving on without you? Concerned about the culture shock of re-emerging into society?
This is a story about a man who mastered such a challenge.
To show that we can all manage the Danger of corona-virus and that responsibility can be shaggadelic, we’re doing an Austin Powers movie night.
To join in, do any or all of the following:
  1. Jump on the WebEx link from 6 o’clock for some opening banter;
  2. Start Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery on Netflix (or whatevs) at 18.30 Sydney time
  3. Banter during the movie either via text (we’ll create a group chat) or on the WebEx (for people who are open to talking during a movie).
No matter how you choose to participate, we hope that you’ll have a groovy time.
Please note: This is a Rotary Social Impact Network event, so will be a good chance to meet Rotarians and Rotaractors from outside your immediate network.
To register your attendance, please email, or head to


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