‘Saving the Oceans’ Ambaree Majumder, presented by Rotary Club of Sydney’s Climate Action Group


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You are invited to hear Ambaree Majumder explain what ‘Saving the Oceans’ really means and how our perception of the oceans needs to change. Oceans are not just a seafood bank but a great friend of ours in our fight against Climate Change. Therefore, we must come together to save the oceans so that we can save ourselves.

Ambaree is a second-generation Rotarian and a member of the Marina City Rotary Club in Singapore. She is also the co-chair of the Plant-Rich Diet taskforce in the Rotary Action Group for Environmental Sustainability (ESRAG). She has spoken at various Rotary clubs around the world, corporate platforms, schools, and universities about how our plates and the planet are more interconnected than it might seem.

Based on science, she advocates that it is crucial for environmentally conscious citizens to be aware that the price of the food we eat is not just the money we pay to buy it, but there is also a price that our planet must pay. Therefore, every meal is an opportunity for us to fight a climate catastrophe knocking at humanity’s doorstep.

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