The Rotary Club of Sydney Darling Harbour has a well-earned reputation for punching above it’s weight for the size, scale and range of its projects. We’re a fantastic Club because we have fantastic members who have been able to step up, learn and deliver and ultimately use the Club to help themselves make the world a better place.

In order to ensure that our Club is open, vibrant and engaged, we will be introducing Committees and Working Groups.

Committees will sit underneath our existing Director structure, and be involved in the work of that portfolio. These are designed to allow non-board members of the Club to be more exposed to the “behind-the-scenes” activities of the Club’s work, and give members exposure to the work that Board Members perform. Currently there are two active committees:

  1. The Community Committee is meeting to discuss the Club’s new contributions to supporting homeless youth in Sydney.
  2. The Content Committee will be reviewing the Club’s online and promotional presence, and assist the Club in producing high quality event, news and graphic content.

Working Groups will exist on temporary basis to support projects. They will meet as needed, and ultimately wrap up once the project has been completed. Currently, there is a Working Group dedicated to the planning and execution of a new fundraising event.

For both, they will meet physically or virtually as required, and otherwise adopt communication and work structures as needed by the group.

Details on both will be made more public as they come to hand and we solidify on a structure. For now, if you would be to involved in either of the groups listed above, please email for more details. Equally, if there is work you would like to kick off with the board, please reach out so we can help make that happen.