I often describe Rotary as “The Whitlam’s Sampler” of Community Organisations. There’s a splash of environmentalism, a good amount of supporting the vulnerable and needy, a sprinkle of professional development and various other flavours mixed in throughout.

The Rotary Club of Sydney Darling Harbour has 15 projects underway at the moment, which have all had a long-lasting and significant impact on the world around us. We’ve used Kiva to empower entrepreneurs in other nations, provided books to nearby schools, helped provide clean drink water in Nepal, scrubbed graffiti off of buildings and supported the development of young people into the best versions of themselves.

It’s an inspiring and encouraging list, which was first documented by Mel Lane. The project page has been given a bit of a face lift recently, to make it more engaging and easier to find out how to get involved. Check it out at https://rotarydarlingharbour.org.au/projects/