Dear Members and Friends of the Rotary Club of Sydney Darling Harbour,

An exciting weekend ahead with our Rotary Adopt a Tree Planting in Mandemar this weekend. It should be an exciting weekend with a great way to get out in nature and get your hands dirty in the community. Please see below for more details.

Joint President Elects, Michael Mazza & John D’Alessandri, want to get your input on how to continue to improving the club. Please take 5 minutes  to  please complete the Club Health Check and submit it before 11 March 2023. This is an anonymous survey and your honest answers will help the board develop the club’s strategic plan. Please use the link

We are still looking for a volunteer to help with a project to help assist the Budapest Rotary Club to get generators to go to Ukraine. The role will require to be the contact liaison for those who are organising the generators to present to the club on timeframes, funding required and method of donation.  If you are interested in help in any way please reach out to me on

Upcoming Events

Rotary Adopt a Tree Planting in Mandemar
March 4, 2023 at 9:00 am

The Environment is now one of Rotary’s areas of focus, and tree-planting will be a regular activity that the Rotary Club of Sydney Darling Harbour is engaged in. Like many of our projects, planting trees involves us performing works that will pay off over the course of years and decades. This March, we will be visiting two farms in Mandemar to aid the Rotary District in the planting of 1250 trees. To enjoy a fun weekend of worthwhile labour with your Rotary friends, please register your interest via the link below.

For more information, or to get involved, visit

Club Meeting – 8/03/2023
March 8, 2023 at 6:00 pm
PSK Private Wealth

The Rotary Club of Sydney Darling is an active and an effective community service group, with a broad array of projects on the go. We support women’s homeless shelters, we plant trees, we organise fundraisers and much, much more. We have members from all walks of life and are always ready to try our hand at something new.

For more information, or to get involved, visit

Final Thoughts

Something to make you smile: Dimples are caused by an abnormally short facial muscle. The zygomaticus major, a facial muscle, is attached to the skin of your cheeks. Dimples appear when the muscle pulls hard enough on your cheeks to cause visible indentations on your face. This usually occurs when we speak or smile, when the muscle is contracting.

Join us at our in person club meeting on March 8th at 6PM. For more information

Nishant Samuel


Rotary Club of Sydney Darling Harbour