The Darlings have sponsored and supported students from the Alexandria Park school to attend a Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA). In the past 20 years The Darlings have sponsored 10 teams (30 individuals) to attend MUNA.

What is MUNA?

MUNA is an annual event that is part of an International Rotary project to educate senior high school students (years 10 – 12) on the United Nations organisation and its vital commitment to world peace, in addition to health, education and living standards around the world.

The event provides an excellent forum for students to develop and practice their public speaking skills whilst debating on topical world issues.

MUNA is held in many Rotary Districts around Australia.  The team that places first in MUNA in our district will be invited to compete at the Australian National MUNA at the Old Parliament House in Canberra (with financial support from Rotary).

Each team is allocated a country. Participants are encouraged to do as much research on their allocated country as possible to improve their understanding of the country and its issues that relate to the resolutions of the particular year they are participating. The participants should research and form a stance on each resolution, and propose any amendments to 1-2 resolutions for open debate at MUNA.  Be prepared to argue your position on each resolution and any of your amendments so you can convince the assembly to vote in your favour.

Participants are also strongly encouraged to adopt their country’s national dress to add to their presentations.
In 2018 the Alexandria Park Community School represented Mexico in MUNA at NSW Parliament House.