Project Dignity is a joint project with the Darlings, Rotary Club of Kolkata Midtown, India and the Inner Wheel Club. It raises funds to build toilets for families who live Nimpith West Bengal area of India.

The people in this rural area of India are extremely poor and work very hard to supply food for their families. As you can imagine, the women live a particulary hard life with little or no modern facilities.

Project Dignity is an ongoing project to attach toilets to homes in the area. At the moment few families have toilets and there are no public toilets. This means that toileting happens in the streets and paddocks. For modesty purposes women will go to the toilet pre-dawn and have to wait then till after dusk. There are also problems with leaches in Monsoon time.

We are raising funds so that to buy the locally sourced material. The family assist local builders build the toilets.

A toilet attached to their home makes a huge difference to them. For this reason we call our project ‘Project Dignity’ because it does bring level of dignity to their lives.

We work directly with the RC of Kolkata Midtown and the local ashram which ensures that our money goes straight into this project and that none of the funds are diverted in any way.