The Darlings support the Women’s and Girls Emergency Centre (WAGEC), an organisation who support ‘women at risk’ to become economically independent. The Darlings have established a scholarship fund that would assist the women to attain TAFE qualifications.  The scholarships are focused on, not limited to, fees, childcare, transport and learning materials, and any barrier to successfully completing the preferred course of study may be funded.

Education enables the women to re-enter the workforce in paid work. The program called for WAGEC and TAFE to liaise to achieve the best TAFE course to directly benefit the women’s future employment prospects. Additionally, the women will have improved emotional and physical wellbeing because of the program.  In the first instance we worked towards establishing two scholarships.

The program extends to a mentoring which is in the initial stages. There are 3 areas being developed to mentor the women one-on-one at WAGEC:

  • Study Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Career/Interview Skills/Networking

There will be group Mentoring Session for 10 women residing in transitional accommodation.

To date the Scholarship fund has supported two scholarships for women undertaking Diploma studies. Funds are available to support other women in the second half of this year.  WAGEC and the women involved have commended the project and the outcomes.

The 1st  client was provided a laptop for her software development course. She has discussed that the course has been challenging however has been able to work closely with the teachers.

The 2nd client is also loving her course and is talking about doing her placements in her course (community services) and is looking at a placement with young people.