The Administration Director is an expert Rotarian that is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Club and is the direct link between the Club and the District.  The Club Service Director is the “Keeper of the House” and keeps the club on track within the Rotary network.


  • Allocate duties for the weekly meetings and completing rosters for Reception, International Toast & Rotary Spot, and Introducing the Speaker & giving the vote of thanks (and ensuring that new members are assisted when placed on this roster for the first time)
  • Responsible for Fellowship Delegation including; welcoming of visitors, pairing new members with experienced Rotarian
  • Creating the roster for Attendance Officer
  • Appointing the Sgt-at-Arms/Corporal
  • Organising the Guest Speaker roster
  • Communicating Venue changes and ensuring all members and guests are notified
  • Responsible for organising social functions, particularly for the fifth Wednesday of the month
  • Encourage the Club’s Board to present PHF Recognition
  • Liaise between the District and the Club and ensure rotary information is provided at meetings
  • Coordinate the District Conference attendance (encourage members to attend, provide registration forms, remind members that it is their Rotary responsibility)
  • Responsible for the storage of club property