The Club Secretary co-ordinates communication within the Club, and receives information from the board, club committees, club members, the district governor, your assistant district governor, Rotary International, and The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. They monitor trends in club activities to help identify the club’s strengths and weaknesses and communicate this information to your fellow club and district leaders for further action.


  • Clearing the mail box, recording the incoming mail, and distributing to the appropriate board member
  • Recording the outgoing mail
  • Distributing e-mail correspondence received from the district secretary to the club in general or specific correspondence to the board.
  • Development of the agenda in consultation with other Committee members and distribution prior to the meeting
  • Prepare and distribute board meeting minutes on a monthly basis.
  • Organise the AGM of the club to be held in December each year by sending out the agenda and then recording the minutes.
  • Work with the membership director to prepare bi-annual reports for Rotary International (RI) and district in membership on 1 July and 1 December
  • Report any changes to the Club information to the District and RI
  • Prepare Rotarian relocation form to introduce a member who is moving to a club in their new district.
  • Official Directory Information form must be submitted to RI after the AGM but before 31 December each year. This will give RI and District the details of the incoming board members
  • Provide an up-to-date copy of the Constitution and bylaws at all meetings
  • Provide a summary of Committee Minutes for distribution to all Club members via website / newsletter
  • Receives and files relevant Police Check records or Working with Children checks