Club Meeting – 08/11/2023: Guest Speaker: Laura Davies


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Guest Speaker: Laura Davies – Access Program Manager – WAGEC

Laura is the ACCESS Program Manager at the Women’s and Girl’s Emergency Centre (WAGEC), where she and her team oversee the ACCESS Mentoring program. This program is designed to provide free mentoring for women, lasting 3-6 months, with a primary focus on empowering them with self-confidence and skills to help them achieve their wellbeing, training, education, and employment goals. The ultimate aim is to support these women in achieving economic security.

Laura’s journey at WAGEC began as a volunteer within refuges across Sydney, starting after she took a career break in 2022. Prior to her involvement with WAGEC, Laura had an extensive career in the medical devices industry, spanning 18 years. She held various leadership roles in sales, marketing, and learning & development across Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Europe.

Beyond her professional roles, Laura is a mother to two wonderful children and is driven by a desire to make the world more equitable for their generation and those that follow. She is actively involved as a coach and mentor, helping others on their journey, and she also has a passion for surfing and connecting with nature.

Club Meeting Details:

The Rotary Club of Sydney Darling is an active and an effective community service group, with a broad array of projects on the go. We support women’s homeless shelters, we plant trees, we organise fundraisers and much, much more. We have members from all walks of life and are always ready to try our hand at something new.

Like any Rotary Club, our members are our most valuable asset. Their passion, skills and service are the only reasons we’re able to make the changes in the world that we can. We would love to have you amongst us and to work on things you care about.

We’d be delighted to add any project you’d like to raise to our list, and to show how the global Rotary network can help make you a part of making the world a better place.



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