Digital Club Meeting – 13/10/2021: Healthy Men, Masculinities & Communities


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Our regular club meetings are used to discuss our upcoming events, ongoing projects and recent news. This week, David Pointon will be presenting to the Club about his work with The Men’s Table.

If you are looking to give something back to the community, to develop professionally, to help steer exciting projects, or are just interested in making new friends, you are very welcome to attend our meeting.

For those unable to make it in physically, or wishing to attend virtually, please join us online at

The first Men’s Table was established in 2011. Since 2019 this simple, accessible and proven model has been taken to the Australian community with 38 Tables now established. The Men’s Table is a fast growing registered charity supporting preventative men’s mental health.

In partnership with The National Mental Health Commission, they have investigated the evidence behind men’s social isolation and loneliness, lack of meaningful friendships, reluctance about seeking help and the stigma of outdated masculine norms and how these issues can be addressed.

They bring a fresh, energetic, and real world storytelling approach to the issues and opportunities associated with men’s mental health and community building. Women strongly engage and relate with their stories and have proven to be big supporters of men having safe spaces to share feelings and connect authentically with other men.




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