General Assembly Meeting


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Please come to join us for a Face to Face meeting at the PSK offices to discuss the future of the club and key items on projects with the incoming Co-Presidents for 2023/2034.

Matters for Discussion at Proposed General Assembly

Announcement of Board Members for 2023 / 2024 Year
Presidents – Michael Mazza & John D’Alessandri
Secretary – Nishant Samuel
International Director – Jeremy Charles
Foundation – Rae Anne Medforth
Treasurer – Lynne Gibson
Membership – Sue Hayward
Community – Chris Dawes
New Generations Director – Drew Sturgiss
President Elect 2024 /2025 – Nishant Samuel

Other Board Members
Committees or Assistants to Board Members
Appointment of Welfare Officer

Venue – new venue ? Change ? PSK Office to finish on 30 November 2023
Format of meetings – go back to “face to face” or virtual or “face to face” with ability for Face Time ?
Get members to participate – sergeant at arms, introduction & thank speaker, Rotary international club, Rotary aspect etc
Frequency of meetings – fortnightly, monthly; evening or earlier; weekday or weekend.

Club IT
Newsletter format – appoint member to be editor – photos, articles etc on Darlings events
Distribution of newsletter – District ?, members mailing list-new,past & prospective members
Club Runner – information currently on file, inform members on how to use.
Email Addresses – new email address for board members
Website – update with new links to District, Projects, Current Directors, Meeting Place & Time, President’s message
Social Media – Instagram, Facebook, Linked In

Set target for new members – Follow up recent RYLA students (Ajit Ramyavaran & Artun Ereren)
Kings Cross & Kogarah Clubs – potentially four new members who wish to leave their clubs
Membership plan & strategy – revisit inactive /past members list / New member orientation program
Health Check – Why did you join Rotary ? Why are still here ?

New Generations
Continue with APCS – MUNA, RYPEN, INTERACT, Rotary Service Award
Possible new Sydney Rotaract Club – Discuss AG Sydney clubs & Alex District Rotaract dierctor
Glebe School – Body Safe

Current status with Department of Fair Trading reporting requirements
Current status of club insurance
Current status Child Protection certificates for each Darling
Financial status of Club as at 30 June 2023
Cheque signatories for club accounts
Club branding

Functions & Fund Raising
What fund raising functions for 2023 / 2024
Club Changeover Date & venue ( Wednesday 5 July or Wednesday 12 July)
Social functions for Darlings, friends, prospective members
Quarterly President Meetings


Adopt a Theme for the Year – Mental Health, Homeless, Child protection, Water or Other
International Projects
Local Projects
Application for Grants

Any other Matters you wish to discuss


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