Dear Members and Friends of the Rotary Club of Sydney Darling Harbour,

Last week was a great celebration of the work done by the Darlings Rotary Club and what to look forward to in the new Rotary year at our Change over dinner. Below I have included Co-President Michael and Johns’ 7-point Club plan.

However to get more involved there is a great opportunity to volunteer for the City to Surf event on 13th August to assist with Marshalling. It is a back bone of volunteering work that we show up to and assist in this city celebrated event. For more information, or to get involved, visit

The Darlings 7- point club plan

  1. Theme: As a city based Rotary club we see a lot of homeless people in the Sydney city area. Our theme will continue our support for the Homeless. Organisations such as The Station (we would like to acknowledge our Darling Angela and her work as a Board Member at The Station). Also, WAGEC and OWN.
  2. Meetings: Continuing the Rotary Tradition of face-to-face meetings, we will continue to meet in-person on the second Wednesday of each month, and meeting virtually on the fourth Wednesday of each month. The in-person meetings will feature good quality Speakers to help us retain and attract new members whilst the virtual meetings will be used to work on projects together.
  3. Communications: The Weekly Darling to be enhanced by having our Directors and Members contribute timely content. We will set up a system whereby we will invite visitors, Speakers, and attendees at our events to be added to the mailing list. This will be utilised to “promote” our Rotary events/fund-raisers to a wider audience. We will update email addresses and mobile numbers to set up updated group email distribution lists along with exploring the use of Messager and/or WhatsApp. Appoint some additional resources to help update the Website and our Social Media presence.
  4. Membership: Encourage our members to invite friends and associates to join the Darlings and set a goal to increase our membership by a net 5 members and help the rest of Rotary by raising awareness and membership more broadly. Invite the guest Speakers and attendees at meetings and events to join including ex RYLA candidates. Do a regular Health Check – Why did you join Rotary? Why are you still here?
  5. New Generations: Continue to support RYLA, RYPEN and MUNA. Also, if possible, Body Safe.
  6. Projects/Fund Raising: From our club survey in April, our club members indicated that they wanted to participate in hands on projects.   We aim to have 4 projects/fundraisers broadly one a quarter – 2 Fundraisers and 2 “hands-on” projects. Some of the suggested “hands-on” projects are MediShare, The Station and Stepping Stone House. Fund-Raising suggestions are a Cultural Night, Comedy for a cause and a repeat of our successful Bush dance. The Fund- Raisers will be for the cause and other Rotary Projects to build up some surplus funds to allow us to respond quickly to catastrophes.
  7. Spread the load starting with the Presidency (it takes 2 of us to replace Drew)! To ensure all members participate in the running of the club, each Board member will be assigned a deputy to assist with their role.

Upcoming Events

July 26, 2023

Virtual Meeting – 26/07/2023
July 26, 2023 at 6:00 pm

Our digital club meetings are a great opportunity to discuss our upcoming events, ongoing projects and recent news from the comfort of your home office. If you are passionate about improving your world and local community, making new friends and developing new skills and are excited to attack new challenges, then this is the meeting for you.

For more information, or to get involved, visit

Board Meeting – 26/07/2023
July 26, 2023 at 7:00 pm

The Rotary Club of Sydney Darling Harbour is engaged in several different projects. Whether it’s working within our local community, advancing international understanding and providing humanitarian aid, providing for the development and advancement of our members or fostering new friendships, our Club strives to always put its hands to something useful. Board meetings allow for the Club’s leadership to discuss plans, co-ordinate on strategies and adresss Club issues.

For more information, or to get involved, visit

August 13, 2023

City2Surf Volunteering
August 13, 2023 at 5:30 am
Hyde Park

City2Surf is an iconic event, stretching 14 km from Sydney’s CBD to Bondi. Since 2008, when the fundraising tally was first recorded, it has raised over $48 million for charities in need. Sydney’s generosity has become the beating heart of this event. This year, the Rotary Club of Sydney Darling Harbour will be helping out with marshalling the event. This helps make the the day safe for all participants, and generates valuable funds to support our Club’s work.

For more information, or to get involved, visit

Final Thoughts

3 Facts about Rotary:

• The first Rotary club banner (from the Houston Space Center) to orbit the moon was carried by astronaut Frank Borman, a member of that club.
• Rotary first established the Paul Harris Fellow recognition in 1957 for contributors of US $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation
• RYLA, the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, began in 1959 when Rotarians from Queensland, Australia, organized a weeklong conference for outstanding young people. In 1971 the RI Board officially adopted RYLA as a youth program.

Looking forward to seeing you at our Virtual meeting on July 26th at 6.00 PM. For more information visit

Nishant Samuel


Rotary Club of Sydney Darling Harbour