Meet our Darling Koala

This is Darling the Koala – our mascot for the #endpolio campaign. Rotary is dedicated to worldwide eradication of the Polio disease and the world is so close to achieving this goal.

The challenge has been issued by our District Governor Tonia BARNES and we got this little one.

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Our Darling Koala will be auctioned off at the upcoming District 9675 conference being held between the 8th and 10th of March 2024. All proceeds from the auction go towards providing funding for vaccines and qualified professionals to administer them!! To help us raise funds please visit our website to donate –

Meet Darling the Koala

Darling the Koala on board to End Polio around the world

To learn more about POLIO, the disease, strategies adopted to eradicate it and what funds could do to help – visit:

Darling Koala – End Polio Now

Darling Koala is Eco Friendly

Darling Koala is Aussie Born