17 10, 2021

Creating a Safe Place for Men to Share


Last week, members of the Rotary Club of Sydney Darling Harbour heard from David Pointon, founder of The Men's Table. The Men's Table is 'a place where men can talk about what's really going on and how they're feeling'. Groups of about 12 men meet once a month over dinner, with the aims of: being heard; creating a trusted peer group; and creating a sense of belonging and community. Over the last two years, The Men's Table has also seen the introduction of virtual tables and forums, and this year, celebrated its 10th anniversary.

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9 10, 2021

Darlings Projects Page Refresh


The Rotary Club of Sydney Darling Harbour has 15 projects underway at the moment, which have all had a long-lasting and significant impact on the world around us. We've used Kiva to empower entrepreneurs in other nations, provided books to nearby schools, helped provide clean drink water in Nepal, scrubbed graffiti off of buildings and supported the development of young people into the best versions of themselves. It's an inspiring and encouraging list, which was first documented by Mel Lane. The project page has been given a bit of a face lift recently, to make it more engaging and easier to find out how to get involved. Check it out at https://rotarydarlingharbour.org.au/projects/

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9 10, 2021

The Clem Renouf End Polio Now Club


Polio has gone from a rampant and destructive just a few decades ago, to a virus that is 99.9% eliminated, with just two cases being reported in the past year. However, though we're almost finished, until Polio is entirely eliminated it can come back, squandering all the progress we've made thus far. PDG Bob Aitken has started the Clem Renouf End Polio Now Club, which is striving to see Clubs have EVERY member donate just $10 to Rotary’s Polio fund to mark World Polio Day in 2021/22. We'd love to have you involved.

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2 10, 2021

RYLA Program Proceeding in 2022


The RYLA program is going ahead from the 3rd-9th of January 2022 at Stanwell Tops. RYLA is an amazing program and is one of the most important ways in which the District invests in the next generation, so please reach out if you would like to nominate someone. Further details and the Registration form are now on the District website at https://www.rotarydistrict9675.org/page/ryla.

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2 10, 2021

District Conference 2022 Early Bird Tickets On Sale


Rotaract District 9675 will be holding its District Conference live and in-person next year, on the 20th of March. It will be held at the Warwick Conference Centre in Warwick Farm (near Liverpool), and feature an exciting line up of guest speakers, an exhaustive presence of Rotary projects and the elusive friendly faces of our fellow Rotarians, who we have not seen in person for far too long. If you, like me, are already counting down the days, please purchase your tickets at https://www.trybooking.com/events/landing?eid=808939.

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26 09, 2021

Committees and Working Groups


The Rotary Club of Sydney Darling Harbour has a well-earned reputation for punching above it's weight for the size, scale and range of its projects. In order to ensure that our Club is open, vibrant and engaged, we will be introducing Committees and Working Groups. Committees will sit underneath our existing Director structure, and be involved in the work of that portfolio. Working Groups will exist on temporary basis to support projects. Both, they will meet physically or virtually as required, and otherwise adopt communication and work structures as needed by the group. If you would be to involved in either of the groups listed above, please email info@rotarydarlingharbour.org.au for more details.

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26 09, 2021

Using Kiva to Help Underserved Communities Thrive


"Lifting one to lift many" is the sentiment behind the Rotary Club of Sydney Darling Harbour's investment in Kiva loans. Kiva is a not-for-profit organisation facilitating loans to low-income entrepreneurs and students in 77 countries.  In 2011, Sydney City Rotaract club began a Kiva account, and this was transferred to the Darlings in 2020 .Over the last 10 years, we have made used an initial investment of $9,000 to support $55,000 in loans to people around the world. This puts us in the top 1% of lenders worldwide. Mel Lane, former President of the Darlings, recently presented to members on the impact and achievements of the Kiva loan system and showed the impact of our work there, and her passion for the cause.

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26 09, 2021

Darlings Planted Trees Bursting to Life


The Darlings played their own small part in our recovery from the Black Summer bushfires this in June, travelling to Milton to help their Rotary Club plant new trees to replace some of the ones that had been lost in the fires. As of this week, our District Governor has sent us evidence that one of our saplings planted on his property is going strong and rising from the ashes of those horrible days. The Environment is now one of Rotary's areas of focus, and tree-planting will be a regular activity that the Darlings are engaged in. The photo of this young sapling should spur us on in planting new trees that our descendants will enjoy the shade of. 

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18 09, 2021

Subscribing to the Calendar


To make staying on top of our events even easier, you can subscribe to our calendar in the productivity software of your choice, ensuring that your own personal calendar will contain all events posted by the Club.

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12 09, 2021

Virtual Comedy Night a Roaring Success!


Friday nights in lockdown aren’t always filled with laughter, but the 10th of September certainly was for Rotary Club of Sydney Darling Harbour members and friends. Our Virtual Comedy Night featured four fabulous comedians, a musical MC, and a whole host of raffle prizes!

Virtual Comedy Night a Roaring Success!2021-09-18T18:06:45+10:00
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