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6 03, 2022

The Darling: 7/3/2022


Well, I must say I'm nervous. After seeing so many strong and powerful presentations at Saturday's Rotary 9675's International Women's Day Lunch in the company of so many of Rotarians, I'm not entirely sure that it's an act I can follow. The day opened with Sahera Sumar talking about her work with SHEroes, where she and her team strive to close the gender gap by empowering women, then gave the floor to Rosemary Karuiki, the Australian of the Year Local Hero 2021 to talk about her experience as an immigrant and her work as a multicultural liaison officer for the NSW Police in Campbelltown, and wrapped with founder and CEO of Escabags Stacey Jane, to tell her story as an abuse survivor, and her work in supporting others in that situation. Truly, it was an inspiring, emotional and encouraging day. For those that missed it, our very own Sue Hayward will be recapping the event at our meeting on Wednesday. Don't forget, we're back in The Grace that morning. Zoom will still be available for those that can't make it in, but if you're able it would be great to see you all in person again. And finally, District Conference is fast approach. If you've not done so already, you can purchase your tickets via the District Website.

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27 02, 2022

The Darling: 28/2/2022


Thanks for to everyone that attended our meeting on Wednesday, which had the distinction of being the first physical meeting of my Presidency. Finally, after two difficult years, it does feel like life is slowly returning normal. As part of that "slow return", the Annual Polio Train Ride is going to be slightly different this year. Traditionally, Rotarians would work together to cover every train station in the entire network via a series of co-ordinated train rides, with us raising money to combat Polio. This year, due to COVID, Rotarians will be instead taking photos of themselves next to train station signs, with the goal of photographing all stations within the network. As such, we’re asking all members to take a photo of themselves under their nearest train station sign, and send that to risppo.trf@rotary.org. All photos will be used in press-releases and promotional material for this initiative. Also, if you’re in a position to do so, consider donating directly at raise.rotary.org/EndPolioVirtualTrainRide/challenge21.

The Darling: 28/2/20222022-02-27T10:19:58+11:00
20 02, 2022

2022 Virtual Train Ride to End Polio


Over the past three years, there has been an All Stations challenge in Sydney and other cities around Australia and New Zealand, to raise money for the Rotary End Polio Now Campaign. These events have raised over $450,000 — and that’s before the Gates Foundation generously participates in its 2:1 match. Ironically, due to another contagious and dangerous virus, we're not able to do our normal train ride. Instead, this year we'll be doing it virtually. Our Club will still be donating funds to the End Polio Now campaign, and we're also asking all members to take a photo of themselves under their nearest train station sign, and send that to risppo.trf@rotary.org. All photos will be used in press-releases and promotional material for this initiative.

2022 Virtual Train Ride to End Polio2022-02-20T19:51:38+11:00
20 02, 2022

The Darling: 21/2/2022


District Conference is now less than a month away! These are always a fantastic weekend, and provide an opportunity for the Clubs in the District to step away from their regular and ongoing work, and see what their neighbours in our Clubs are doing and the broader initiatives currently in-play by the District and Rotary International. If you've not purchased your tickets yet, please do so by visiting https://www.trybooking.com/events/landing?eid=808939. After a long and challenging lock-down, I must say that I am very much looking forward to seeing the friendly faces of my fellow Rotarians. Speaking of which, don't forgot that we have an in-person meeting this week at the Grace! I look forward to seeing you there.

The Darling: 21/2/20222022-02-20T20:35:14+11:00
13 02, 2022

The Darling: 14/2/2022


Thank you to everyone that attended our meeting on Wednesday. Our speaker, Jess Hodge, did a truly excellent job of explaining the issues with single-use plastic, and her organisation's efforts in providing real solutions to this issue. For this that missed our meeting, our would like to find out more about Jess's work, please visit https://resourcefulliving.com.au/. There's no regular Club Meeting this week, but we do have our first board meeting of the year on Wednesday evening. As always, if you would to be involved in the discussion of what the Club does and we do it, you're more than welcome attend. We return to the Grace Hotel for a physical meeting on the 23rd of February.

The Darling: 14/2/20222022-02-13T15:21:56+11:00
6 02, 2022

The Darling: 7/2/2022


My heart is a flutter. After so many weeks of absence, including Christmas, New Years and my COVID-19 isolation, our morning meetings are almost back. And we're kicking off strong this year, with our first guest speaker being Jess Hodge from Resourceful Living, to talk about her work in changing the way we think about Single Use Plastics. As you might imagine from the fact that I just had a coffee in my Keep-Cup and am presently enjoying some water out of my metal reusable drink bottle, this is a cause which I am passionate about, and I look forward to learning more about it. As per last week, the meeting will be online, kicking off at 7.30AM. The Zoom will be open from 7, so please make sure you're logged early so we can kick off right on time. Otherwise, I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend, and I look forward to seeing your smiling faces in my Zoom window on Wednesday morning.

The Darling: 7/2/20222022-02-06T10:45:42+11:00
30 01, 2022

The Darling: 31/1/2022


In a sign of our times, I have a few updates regarding our upcoming meetings. Firstly, this week's evening meeting will be held digitally. After discussing with interested members, most members are still working from home, making an after-hours meeting in the city difficult to attend. Due to the more relaxed and social nature of these meetings, they're a poor candidate for the hybrid style we've been using for our morning meetings. I'm very keen to have these in-person, and this will happen once businesses begin to enact their Return to Office plans. At our next morning meeting, we have Jess Hodge from Resourceful Living, an organization dedicating to finding a sustainable solution to managing plastic. To make her presentation easier and to allow us to invite more of our friends from outside of the Club, the meeting of February 9 will be held online. This will not be an in-person event. Finally, given the above, the meeting of the 23rd of February will taking place in person. This is currently scheduled to be a Club Forum, so I hope to see you there. I appreciate everybody's flexibility during these times and, as always, our calendar and Facebook have been updated with these changes. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

The Darling: 31/1/20222022-01-30T21:05:39+11:00
30 01, 2022

Council on Legislation


Each 3 years the Council on Legislation (COL) is held in Chicago with this year likely to be an on-line event. In the run up to this, we're keen to seek the views on Club Members on proposed legislation, which can then be fed back to the District to inform the way in which they will vote. The legislation book contains all proposed legislation which are are able to review and comment on. If you would like to have a say in the future of Rotary as a global organisation, please download and review the book, and provide any comments or concerns to info@rotarydarlingharbour.org.au.

Council on Legislation2022-01-30T15:29:25+11:00
23 01, 2022

The Darling: 24/1/2022


Dear members and friends of the Rotary Club of Sydney Darling Harbour,

I’m sorry to have missed a newsletter last week. As some of you may now, the Universe decided to mark the end of my Tasmanian holiday with a positive Rapid Antigen Test, requiring to isolate in my hotel for

The Darling: 24/1/20222022-01-23T14:49:00+11:00
5 01, 2022

The Darling: 10/1/2022


Happy new year! I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and has helped ensure that 2021 was thoroughly searched before it left the building. I know we often say the years go by quickly and we're ringing in the New Year too early, but I can't imagine anyone being of that view when it comes to 2021. Speaking of last year, a big "thank you" to everyone who was able to help out at the Uniting Harris Community Centre BBQ. This was a challenging one, with the bulk of our volunteers having to pull out on the morning of the event due to a COVID contact. In spite of that, we were able to raise funds of almost 600 dollars to support our worthwhile causes in the year ahead. As with previous years, January will have informal meetings. Due to the fourth Wednesday of January falling on Australia Day, we will only be having one meeting this month. These will be in-person only and will not be accessible via Zoom. Details are below, and I hope to see you there.

The Darling: 10/1/20222022-01-05T12:34:01+11:00
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